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Al Nassr vs Al Feiha Highlights: Cristiano Ronaldo walks back frustrated after a 0-0 draw | Football News – The Indian Express


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Al Nassr: W-L-W-W-W

Al Nassr: W-L-W-W-W.<br> Al Feiha: W-L-D-D-L.<br> Right here we are!? pic.twitter.com/G6r1vjyghAAl Nassr: Alaqidi, Al Ghannam, Amri, Gonzalez, Konan, Gustavo, Alkhaibari, Ahmed, Talisca, Ghareeb, Ronaldo.Al Feiha: Stojkovic, Al Baqawi, Al-Khaibari, Al Mutairi, Al-Shuwaish, Al-Khalaf, Mandash, Ricardo, Paulinho, Trajkovski, Ruiz.?|| Starting lineup,@AlNassrFC vs #AlFayha pic.twitter.com/d8rHrYv8BxStanding 2nd in the table, one factor behind Al Ittihad, Cristianon Ronaldo and Al Nassr will certainly include in the Saudi Pro League against Al Feiha on Sunday. In the last match for Al Nassr, Ronaldo remained in great touch as he scored a brace versus Al Adalah. The Portuguese superstar, that was coming off a worthwhile worldwide break, racked up when from the spot and then scored his second with a roaring left foot shot. With the regal number seven in action, must be a fascinating 90 mins plus standstill time in advance. Stay tuned for all the updates..<br> <br> Al Nassr vs Al Feiha Emphasizes: Cristiano Ronaldo walks back frustrated after a 0-0 draw|Football News – The Indian Express, Saudi Pro League, Al Nassr vs Al Feiha Emphasizes: Cristiano Ronaldo and Co ended up aggravated following a woeful night in front of objective as Al Feiha held the going to Al Nassr side in a 0-0 draw, buddies residency.In the last match for Al Nassr, Ronaldo was in great touch as he scored a support against Al Adalah. The Portuguese superstar, that was coming off a productive worldwide break, scored as soon as from the area and afterwards scored his second with a thunderous left foot shot

Al Nassr won the suit 5-0 on the back of Ronaldo’s brace along with two objectives from Brazilian Anderson Talsca while Ayman Yahya supplied the ending up touch with a late goal.Follow Al Nassr vs Al Feiha Emphasizes belowCristiano Ronaldo after the end of the game.pic.twitter.com/XBXq45ir31And that is that!The umpire blows fulltime whistle and Al Nassr have actually been dealth a significant strike in the title race. None of their star forwards were able to permeate via the tight Al Feiha protection. Cristiano Ronaldo is having a word with the 4th official while returning to the passage. He had his chances to score. Al Nassr had their possibilities to score. The home side have actually been enormous and make a point which may also assist them remain in the organization. An irritating night for Ronaldo and company.ALN 0-0 ALFMohammed Abusabaan replaces Sultan Mandash. Malek Al Abdulmanam is on for Anthony Nwakaeme.Meanwhile, a barrage of edge kicks for Al Nassr from the left however Al Feiha, similar to they have actually been basically all night, are in control off points deep in their territory.ALN 0-0 ALFOne too many tee shirts in the box to lock onto the sphere to score, one way too many to stop them from doing so. Too tight a space for any kind of tidy play to be made. After a hideous sequence of ricochets and blocks, absolutely nothing comes for Al Nassr as the 4th authorities shows seven minutes of added time

ALN 0-0 ALFAbdulelah Al Amri’s appropriate footed shot from the best side of package is close, yet misses out on to the left

ALN 0-0 ALFAbdulelah Al Amri’s appropriate footed shot from the best side of package is close, yet misses out on to the left. Aided by Jaloliddin Masharipov with a cross adhering to a corner.ALN 0-0 ALFMohammed Maran changes Ghislain Konan. Jaloliddin Masharipov changes Ayman Yahya.ALN 0-0 ALFAnthony Nwakaeme’s header from the centre of the box is saved in the centre of the goal. Aided by Sultan Mandash with a cross.ALN 0-0 ALFAl-Ittihad, that are also including in their Round 23 suit presently are leading, indicating that Al Nassr will certainly remain 2nd in the table if it stays the exact same in both games. Essential last few minutes left in the game Ronaldo and Co require to win to much better their possibilities in the title race.ALN 0-0 ALF Anderson Talisca is freed via the middle with an one on one possibility versus the goalkeeper. The left footed ahead maintains it low and defeats him on the near message. But the flag increases. The exceptionally dangerous high line maneuver works for the hosts.ALN 0-0 ALFA long ball in, just outside package from the left channel. Talisca chests it down for Ronaldo, who takes it very first time on the battery but fires means over ALN 0-0 ALFAyman Yahya’s left footed shot from outside package misses out on to the left, where was kabaddi stemmed. The pass through was from Luiz Gustavo.ALN 0-0 ALFVíctor Ruiz of Al-Feiha is reserved for a needless obstacle and the desperation is beginning to reveal in both ends of the pitch.ALN 0-0 ALFThat old drill once again

Ronaldo determines the free kick, standing behind the round, puffs air in his lungs and chooses goal. This moment from also way out. This moment over bench. Still no goals in this one.ALN 0-0 ALFMajed Qasheesh replaces Abdulrahman Ghareeb on the left flank. Ali Lajami changes Sultan Al Ghannam.Another among those outside of package enthusiastic shots from Al Nassr. This time from Cristiano Ronaldo. No danger whatsoever and saved. ALN 0-0 ALFRonaldo with an additional rising run in the direction of the AL Feiha goal however is taken on aside by the home captain Sami Khaibari. Al Nassr have not been physical enough to produce clear cut possibilities off through rounds in the final third.ALN 0-0 ALFAl Amri is down holding his left knee and searches in some pain. A forced deduction in play. Possibly, a much needed one as both the teams have actually looked much more rusty until now in the 2nd half. Al Nassr instructor Rudi Garica prepares a below but no introductions yet.ALN 0-0 ALFAyman Yahya deals with the ball and the umpire impacts his whistle. The central assaulting midfielder has been by far the most effective, most included played in the Al Nassr accumulation tonight but appears to have actually lacked the gas to make quick transitioning runs and develop areas with the middle

ALN 0-0 ALFFew boos resound around the compact ground from the Al Nassr travelling assistance

ALN 0-0 ALFFew boos resound around the compact ground from the Al Nassr travelling assistance. It’s been a toiling night for them shown up until now as their group want to locate the rear of the internet. A pass from Talisca on the left is too much vast for Ronaldo to reach. He respects the skies, dissatisfied by what’s unravelled thus far. ALN 0-0 ALFAbdullah Al Khaibari with the through sphere in the within left channel, Cristiano Ronaldo is released into the box but is captured offside. A persistent trouble that has been with the Portuguese in the fag end of his profession. Early runs to compensate for the lack of pace.ALN 0-0 ALFFirst miss of the second fifty percent. Abdulrahman Ghareeb’s left footed shot from the left side of the box. They’ve taken rather a few of them from not-so encouraging settings and it clearly hasn’t worked.ALN 0-0 ALFAl Feiha obtains us underway for the second 45, moving to the left side of the field. No adjustments made by both the supervisors in the break.ALN 0-0 ALFThe referee impacts the halftime whistle and Cristiano Ronaldo’s shake of the head while walking back in the passage informs a story!Right after that What an outcome so much for the 12th situated side against the mighty Al Nassr, japan casino site. As it stands, a factor will take the site visitors ahead whereas the hosts will certainly remain at 12th. Also then, the latter would be more than satisfied if they have the ability to do a lot of the exact same in the second half.ALN 0-0 ALFThe 4th official shows 3 minutes of blockage time on his digital board.Ronaldo wanders in from the left wing, following a one-two exchange yet is deemed offside

Not the most effective of outings for the number 7 by any type of stretch of imagination.ALN 0-0 ALFTalisca with the left footed shot from outside package, yet it is vast sufficient to present any type of threat to Stojkovic. The opportunities have actually been available in numbers yet the ending up from the 2nd put team in the table has been less than ordinary.ALN 0-0 ALFWonderful little one-two in between Ghareeb and Yahya on the side of the box and the Al Nassr left winger practically got inside with a possibility to draw the trigger yet the Al Feiha captain, Khaibari plants his foot to take the opportunity away.ALN 0-0 ALFAnderson Talisca goes down in the box yet no penalty. The referee believes the Al Nassr number 9 dropped also simple to what appeared like a harmless foot plant to win the ball.ALN 0-0 ALFCristiano Ronaldo’s ideal footed shot from the centre of the box is close, but misses to the right. Assisted by Luiz Gustavo following an established piece situation.Another effort from Al Nassr is obstructed by Al Feiha’s leading. Abdullah Al Khaibari left footed shot from outside the box and Stojkovic is best on the cash in anticipating it away. ALN 0-0 ALFAttempt missed. Ayman Yahya header from the centre of package misses to the left. Helped by Sultan Al Ghannam with a cross. The Al Nassr centre striking midfielder has been busy and has had a number of great chances to scoe from close quarters now.ALN 0-0 ALFOffside, Al-Feiha. Bandar Nasser tries a with sphere, yet Aleksandar Trajkovski is caught offside before what was an amazing outside package surface. A warning shot for Al Nassr

ALN 0-0 ALFAnderson Talisca is scheduled for a midfield collision that really did not look intentional on the very first look

ALN 0-0 ALFAnderson Talisca is scheduled for a midfield collision that really did not look intentional on the very first look. The referee picks the yellow card, waits while the Al Feiha gamer is down, receiving a little medical and afterwards shows it to the Al Nassr number 9. ALN 0-0 ALFAl Feiha have started to win the round regularly and advance via wings into the Al Nassr area. Anthony Nwakaeme gets the sphere on the left flank, cuts in yet his curling shot is obstructed early from the Al Nassr protection. An issue of patiently created attack now in the very early, corroded flow of play.ALN 0-0 ALFThe ball discovers itself right into the Al Feiha final 3rd again. This time around, CR7 gets the round on the edge of package and searches for an opening in the within left network however obtains possession stolen off his feet prior to he could pull the trigger. Objective kick. ALN 0-0 ALFTalisca (Al-Nassr) left footed shot from the centre of the box misses out on to the left. Assisted by Ghislain Konan with a cross.ALN 0-0 ALFA outright shirt pull from Amri early in the game and he survives a booking. The Al Feiha gamers have actually swarmed around the referee and undoubtedly that looked a bookable offenceALN 0-0 ALFFive minutes right into the contest and Al Feiha are yet to obtain possession of the round inside the Al Nassr’s defensive 3rd, generate income by playing video games in india. Meanwhile, the males in purple have created a brilliant possibility up front. Cross comes in from the left and Ayman Ahmed gets his left foot to it yet good conserve from Stojkovic to anticipate it away. Secs later on, it nearly drops perfectly for Ronaldo to transform. Early domination from the visitors

ALN 0-0 ALFGustavo steals the sphere in the final 3rd however his shot is dispersed as well much ahead for Ronaldo to run right into and generate a very first shot on goal for the visitors.ALN 0-0 ALFAl Nassr get us underway, kicking from left to right in their purple away stripes. Al Feiha in their trademark orange and blue colors.ALN 0-0 ALFCristiano Ronaldo leads the Al Nassr XI on the field in a critical Round 23 Saudi Pro League match. A great chance this for the home followers at the Al Majma’ah Sports City Arena to see the tale at work and haven’t they showed up to fill the location to its capability. Right after that, the pre-match events are finished with. First time.Cristiano Ronaldo returned to club action on Tuesday evening and picked off from where he left, racking up a brace as Al Nassr demolished a hapless Al Adalah 5-0. Both objectives included in Ronaldo’s previous tally of 9, bringing him to 11 goals for the period. Highlights from the last game.Pep Guardiola (on Sky Sports): "In regards to thesis of scoring goals … He’s rather comparable in regards to Cristiano yet Messi is the much more full gamer. Messi can play any place while Cristiano and Erling are makers."<br> Matches: 12<br> Al Nassr: 8 success<br> Al Feiha: 1 win<br> Attracts: 3 suits

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